Brand Ambassadors

82nd & Acorn

Brand Ambassadors

We know that our Brand Ambassadors are packed with potential - similar to an acorn! At 82nd & Acorn, we are constantly on the lookout for incredible Acorns! Let’s grow together :)

82nd & Acorn was - and continues to be - built upon the idea that style, your and ours, is built upon community and open discourse.

To this end, we offer a Brand Ambassador program that is predicated upon the sharing of ideas and style.

We invite you to join our team as an Acorn Ambassador!

The Program:

  • Complete our simple application (link below)
  • Use the 50% off discount code to make an initial purchase
  • Create a unique code and link for your followers and friends
  • Share it on your Instagram & other social accounts
  • Earn commissions!
  • Send great pics of yourself modeling our gear so we can feature you!!
  • Work with the Acorn team to develop ideas, share styles, and build your personal brand with 82nd & Acorn!

Let’s get started! From an acorn to a mighty oak!

Click here to get started!

Use #myacornstyle in your posts!