About 82nd & Acorn

About 82nd & Acorn

We believe that each one of us - you and me - has within us a nearly limitless reservoir of potential. Our dream is to help you, and in turn, offer you the opportunity to help us tap into that potential.

82nd & Acorn was created to be reminiscent of your hometown. To have each of our customers feel as though this online boutique is a reflection of them and their style. To remind each of us of our hometown and the style that makes us who we are.

We created lines of that are classic and timeless and paired them with all of the current, fashion-forward styles of today!

While presenting this to our customers, we also asked each of our customers to share with us their style. They shared with us what helped form their ideas and sense of style and fashion.

Through working with our customers, we have put together this store! Your store!

And we continue, each and every day, to receive your feedback, ideas, and styles and incorporate them into our store.

So go ahead...reach out to us and tell us about your style, your fashion sense. And we will source and present it to you for your approval. We’ll ask you to name the pieces we found for you and sell them to everyone in our store.

Together we grow from acorns to mighty oaks! Standing tall and beautiful together!

It’s time for show and tell. Hit us up now! Share your ideas and style! Click on the email and send us your thoughts and ideas. Send us pics, ideas, and wants...